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Diabetes4Living can't cure diabetes, but we may be able to help you improve your health by providing the proper nutrition for the diabetic condition.* Taking BetiVite twice a day may provide all-day protection to help manage your diabetes and improve your life one healthy decision at a time.*

There are approximately 40 million people with diabetes in the U.S. and over 450 million worldwide. Diabetes is a life altering condition that has a profound effect on the body. Not only is the body unable to make the necessary amount of insulin needed to function normally and at the proper blood sugar levels, but in addition, the condition causes people to lose important minerals such as magnesium, lutein, lycopene, ALA, etc. This causes a serious effect with blood sugar levels, energy and vital parts of the body including the eyes, feet and hands, etc.

Additionally, diabetes hits certain ethnic segments of the population the hardest. The rates of diagnosed diabetes in adults by race/ethnic background are:

7.4% of non-Hispanic whites

8.0% of Asian Americans

12.1% of Hispanics

12.7% of non-Hispanic blacks

15.1% of American Indians/Alaskan Natives