Seven of the Many Ways BetiVite Once Daily Diabetic Multivitamin and Mineral Supplement is Beneficial:

Vitamin C offers 100% of the % Daily Value!

Offers a full 100% of the %Daily Value. Diabetics tend to have lower vitamin C levels, possibly because higher blood-glucose levels impair Vitamin C uptake*

Vitamin E Provides an Important 100% of the %Daily Value

Provides an important 100% of the %Daily Value. Vitamin E may help prevent heart, eye and kidney damage, which is a common complication of Diabetes*

Promotes Normal Blood Sugar

CHROMIUM: Offers 500% of the %Daily Value, but the leading mainstream multi-vitamin offers just 29%. Chromium has been reported to have a mild glucose-lowering effect and is often recommended for people with Type-2 Diabetes*

Supports Normal Vision + Eye Health

LYCOPENE & LUTEIN: Includes these two antioxidants, whereas the mainstream multi-vitamin does not. Lycopene and Lutein levels are lower in people with diabetes, and supplementation may improve vision and decrease risks of diabetic eye disease*

Promotes Heart, Blood Vessel and Nerve Function Health*

ALPHA LIPOIC ACID: Provides 10.5 mg per serving. This one-of-a-kind antioxidant helps relieve complications and symptoms of Diabetes caused by nerve damage, including numbness in the legs and arms, cardio problems, eye-related disorders, pain and swelling. It may help relieve pain, burning, itching, tingling and numbness due to Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy.*

May Be Key Regarding A1C**

BetiVite has an impressive 1000% of the %Daily Value.

 A study demonstrated that the HbA1c level decreased statistically significantly with the treatment of vitamin B12 deficiency anemia in prediabetic patients. It was determined that each increase of 0.94 g/dL in Hgb achieved with vitamin B12 replacement corresponds to a 0.24% HbA1c decrease.*

Biotin May Improve Glucose Levels and Reduce Pain from Diabetic Nerve Damage. 

BetiVite contains a key 300% of the %Daily Value. Biotin is a B vitamin needed to process glucose. High doses of biotin have been suggested to reverse some of the negative effects of chronic low insulin levels on glucose metabolism.

About BetiVite

BetiVite is a science based nutritional supplement that helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels, supports eye health and promotes nerve health and function*. Taking BetiVite daily may help improve your condition by offering key ingredients that may be beneficial for people with diabetes*. Contra ingredients such as sugar, dyes, artificial colors etc. have been removed to ensure the product is safe and effective.